About me

Hello! I am GIOVANNY. Thank you for visiting me.

Who is Giovanny Cifuentes?

I’m an Agility Consultant, I help teams and organizations take advantage of opportunities and avoid threats, incorporating agility to provide faster value delivery cycles, collaborative environments with a holistic vision, aligning strategy with operation, experimenting to learn, reflecting strategic results, reshaping the culture business through training, mentoring, guidance, consulting and execution.


Since 2013 I have had the opportunity to participate in different events in Latin America focused on agility as an organizer, participant and speaker. I enjoy one of my passions which is music and art.

Professional Studies

  • Master’s Degree in Design and Management of Technological Projects (UNIR International University of La Rioja)
  • Systems Engineering (University of Cundinamarca)

Professional certifications

Certified Lean Master® Lean Global Network

Kanban System Design (Kmp-I) ®
Team Kanban Practitioner (Tkp) ®
Lean Change Agent®
Certified Conscious Business Academy®
Design Thinking Professional Certificate®
Certified Lean Inception Trainer®
Pmi Agile Certified Practitioner (Pmi-Acp) ®
Certified Safe® 4 Agilist
Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator®
Certified Management 3.0®
Certified Scrum Professional®
Certified Scrummaster®
Certified Productowner®
Certified Psp Developer®

I write this blog in order to share the learning that I have acquired during the last years working with agility, offering opinions, practices and tools. Thanks for the interest!