Kudos Recognitions Among Coworkers

Kudos are written and public recognition of a colleague for something that has contributed to the team, it is a powerful tool for work teams.

Day by day the employees of the organizations play some role executing defined tasks that contribute to the purpose of the same. Many times we work with colleagues where we share a great time in life in which we often forget to thank the good actions that are carried out on a daily basis. Acknowledgments are an important piece in today’s world of work, as we begin to see the importance of motivating people in the execution of their tasks and how we can maintain a healthy work environment so that people can better perform their tasks. When we give recognition for a good action, we encourage them to continue doing them and create a more collaborative ecosystem.

The Kudos are a colleague’s written and public acknowledgment of something that has contributed to the team.

Kudo cards are paper cards of a physical symbol of appreciation. The cards can be delivered directly to the person, placed in a box, pasted on a wall, among others, the implementations vary according to the context that is presented.

A card with the following titles is selected:

The dynamic is very simple, the person who wants to give an acknowledgment writes a message on the card including the reason why it is being given and finally the name of the person who delivers it is written. There are several approaches to how we can perform dynamics.

Personal recognition

In this practice you can agree to leave the cards in a visible place where anyone can select a card at any time and deliver the Kudo when deemed appropriate.

You can also use sessions where team members can deliver the Kudos for the work done in a certain time interval.

Kudo Box

In this practice, a box is designed where people can leave their Kudos in a place agreed by everyone.

A place and a day are defined to open the box so that the examinations can be taken.

Kudo Wall

In this practice an artifact is designed that is placed on a wall that is visible to everyone and people can stick the kudos so that they are visible to everyone.

Kudos are a very powerful tool for the work environment, helping to generate a culture of recognizing people’s work and creating a collaborative environment helping to boost intrinsic motivations.


– Use to close a session such as continuous improvement.

– Try to use additional prizes such as chocolates as an attachment to the Kudo

-If you are in a project or a management, look for the mechanism that the received Kudos are exchangeable for benefits such as Discount vouchers for dinner, Ticket to go to movies, Discount vouchers for Courses.


Management 3.0 https://management30.com/practice/kudo-cards/

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